Visa SRC to replace Visa Checkout

Starting in September in the United States, Visa will transition Visa Checkout to Visa Secure Remote Commerce (Visa SRC). Visa Checkout is Visa’s current mobile wallet that allows a cardholder to register a card they can access when making an online purchase. The online wallet makes the checkout experience easier and faster for the cardholder because they do not have to enter their shipping or payment information on each merchant’s website.

Visa recommends that issuers make the Visa Checkout to Visa SRC changes visible on your websites, in mobile applications and in other marketing collateral close to September.

This icon will appear on merchant websites to indicate “Click to Pay;” consumers can click on the icon to pay with a debit card, major credit card or an alternate payment type such as PayPal.

  • If your institution does not participate in tokenization, a consumer’s identity will be protected with one-time passcodes (initiated by Visa at this time).
  • If your institution participates in Visa Tokenization, tokens will be requested by merchants that utilize Visa Token Service.

If you have any questions about Visa SRC, please contact Karen Bos-Carey at 605-335-2937 or [email protected]