Other Products and Services

Strengthen your relationship with your cardholders!

Mobile Financial Services

A robust mobile application:
● Perform balance inquiries
● Review mini-statements of recent activity
● Transfer funds between accounts
● Make bill payments on the go
● Execute expedited payments for last-minute convenience

Checkcard Alerts

Build cardholder confidence in the institution with Checkcard Transaction Alerts. About 50% of fraud is found by the cardholder and Alerts provide a layer of security cardholders can trust.

Alerts include

● Card Not Present Transaction
● International Transaction
● Out-of-State
● Pay-at-the-Pump
● Suspected Fraud
● Funds Added
● Funds Removed
● Signature Transactions
● Card Status Change
● Decline Transaction.

Cardholder transaction data transmission options

Institutions with online/real-time authorization systems may have cardholder transaction data transmitted directly to their core in real-time or pull in the data via an FTP with Advantage.

Other institutions have the option of receiving this data via Fed ACH or an FTP with Advantage.

Choose the cardholder data transmission method that works best for your institution.

Dynamic Product Configuration

Also known as "Product ID," this enhancement allows a financial institution to identify specific cards across all card types (BINs) to create unique cardholder groups.

The primary benefits are:
1. Product IDs can be set up to affect cards across the entire program rather than adding a new BIN or BIN extension and issuing new cards. For example: carve out a group of cardholders from more than one BIN to not charge service fees for using a foreign ATM.

2. Changes made to the Product ID affect the entire group of cards assigned that PID. Product IDs can be assigned or removed from Checkcards without affecting the rest of the group.

Sign and Earn

Reward cardholders for activating and using their Checkcards, enhance cardholder relationships, and increase revenue with this turn-key promotional campaign service.

Each 90-day campaign uses promotional mailings to motivate spending from debit cardholders with unactivated Checkcards or dormant signature-transaction activity.

FIS guarantees that within nine months after the first six campaigns are completed any Sign & Earn costs will be recovered from interchange income generated by the signature purchases initiated by the program.

Charitable Give Platform

A cloud-based giving platform that empowers cardholders to give to the charities they care most about. Whether one time or recurring gifts, the giving platform enables cardholders to manage all their giving and tax receipts efficiently and transparently in one place. Issuers and cardholders can search a database of over 1.8 million charities to curate their cause portfolio and track impact to the cause areas they care most about. Charitable Give allows charities to access new revenue streams, take advantage of matching opportunities, and expand their exposure in the local community.

Real-time Payments Incubator

Financial institutions can utilize the expertise of a cadre of professionals and the cutting edge technology of the The Clearing House to build a business case for and implement a real-time payments solution that maximizes your investment, improves speed-to-market and future proofs your investments.

Social Media Solution

Our Social Media solution provides marketing and service resources that enable resource-constrained clients to execute social media programs in an affordable, efficient way.

Quarterly Marketing Campaigns

Make your card top-of-wallet and grow interchange income. Target low-performing cardholders by rewarding increased usage.

Data Collection and Review

Advantage compiles and statistical information for ATM programs and Checkcard programs including usage, income and expenses. That data is presented to our member institutions along with interpretation each quarter. This data can then be used for promotional and educational campaigns.

Debit Insights Data Analytics

Knowing how cardholders use their Checkcards determines how you communicate with cardholders and what message to send. The success of your targeted messaging and other marketing efforts is reflected in increased Checkcard use and reduced expenses.