Fraud Mitigation & Dispute Processing Assistance

The Advantage Network's Fraud Rate is the Lowest of All Visa Debit Issuers

SecurLOCK Fraud Management

SecurLOCK is an industry-leading fraud mitigation system that monitors all Advantage card products and all card activity including ATM, PIN Debit and signature transactions.

SecurLOCK gathers acquirer and issuer transactions, strips identifying information, and feeds the data to a continuously updated neural network for scoring. This process improves fraud mitigation and results in fewer false positives for cardholders.

When fraud is suspected, the card is automatically blocked and an email is sent to the issuer to advise of the actions taken on the card.

SecurLOCK Optional Products

SecurLOCK Demand Custom Rules - customized transaction rules to respond to a unique fraud experience such as flash fraud.

SecurLOCK Communicate: When fraud is suspected, a text, email or telephone call is generated to the cardholder. The automated calling system can validate information from the cardholder, remove warm blocks on cards and verify “unrecognized” transactions.

SecurLOCK Predict - A fraud analyst will perform ongoing fraud trend analysis to help the institution create a customized fraud strategy.

SecurLOCK Profile Debit - Predictive Merchant Profiling and Predictive ATM Profiling

SecurLOCK Warranty - provides a warranty to financial institutions against unrecoverable fraud losses of over $50 per occurrence.

SecurLOCK Intelligence - adjusts the scoring models daily.

SecurLOCK ATM Real Time Rules - applied to on-us and foreign ATM transactions prior to being processed.

SecurLOCK Equip - Cardholders can use a single mobile application to manage all aspects of their Advantage Checkcards, including taking an active role in fraud mitigation and detection. The mobile application is a “stand alone” product and is not integrated with an institution’s core or mobile banking product.

Dispute processing

The Advantage Network processes all disputes for all members in our network and receives all fraud notices. Because of this we are able to see fraud trends and common points of compromise before an individual institution would be able to spot them.