ATM Services

The Advantage Network offers a complete ATM operating and transaction processing system, supporting a wide range of ATM types and functions, from cash dispensers to full-service machines and interactive tellers.


The Advantage Network offers a complete end-to-end ATM operating and transaction processing system with customization options to provide your institution with an ATM program that maximizes performance, provides convenience to your cardholders and creates value for the institution.

Monitoring & Support

On-going support includes ATM monitoring using an automated fault handling system designed to increase the operational time of your ATM(s). Member institutions are contacted automatically whenever there is a communications or hardware fault.

Advantage staff are available to offer support for operational faults as well as balancing and disputes.

The status of all ATMs on the Network is monitored by Advantage staff who will contact the institution if normal operation is not resumed in a timely manner.

Purchase Consultation and Installation Support

The Advantage Network can assist you with all of the decision-making aspects of purchasing, installing, signage, maintaining and operating ATMs. Advantage staff have experience with a number of ATM brands and communication systems and will assist your staff as needed to make the best choices for your institution and cardholders.

Advantage staff will also participate in the installation process of the ATM to ensure timely and expedient installation.

ATM Operational Options

● Internet, Wireless or LAN / WAN Connectivity
● Multiple cardholder accounts access
● Multi-lingual screens
● Voice Operation
● Postage and / or Coupon dispense
● Overdraft warning screen
● Customizable screens
● Marketing Messages
● Electronic Journaling

Fast Cash

Fast Cash enables a cardholder to designate an amount that is consistently withdrawn from a primary checking account, saving time if they frequently withdraw the same amount.

Cardholder Preference settings

Cardholders can create their own profile for the ATM, reducing the number of choices they have to make during a withdrawal. For example, they can choose their "Fast Cash" amount, a language preference and how they want their receipt delivered.

Cardless Cash

Cardholders will appreciate Cardless Cash™ transactions because they are convenient, secure and fast. Cardless Cash™ gives customers the ability to pre-order a cash withdrawal from an ATM via their mobile banking app.

When "Cardless Cash" is selected at the ATM, a QR code is generated which is then read by the phone's scanner. The transaction is authorized and cash is dispensed.