Surcharge-free ATM Networks

Provide your cardholders with access to their accounts surcharge-free!


Institutions participating in The Advantage Network agree to allow Advantage cardholders to use their ATMs surcharge-free. In turn, their customers have access to other Advantage Network ATMs surcharge-free as well! Some member institutions waive the foreign card service fee, too.

In Balance

In Balance is a consortium of ATM owners in Minnesota administered by the Independent Community Bankers of Minnesota. All Advantage Network member institutions are eligible to participate.


Membership in the Allpoint ATM Network is free to Advantage member financial institutions.

Cardholders receive surcharge-free cash withdrawal transactions (and other account access) at Allpoint ATMs, conveniently located in destination retail outlets including national and regional retailers such as Target, Kroger and Costco. This means you are not sending your cardholders to competing financial institution ATMs.

Coop Financial Services

CO-OP Financial Services offers a surcharge-free network of approximately 28,000 ATMs for member Credit Unions.

SUM and InterCept

Cardholders at participating institutions can make withdrawals at designated ATMs owned by other SUM and InterCept members without paying a surcharge. There are more than 5,100 surcharge-free ATMs in 45 states or US territories.


Presto! is an ATM network owned by Publix Super Markets. There are over 900 Presto ATMs in Florida, Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, and Tennessee, all located at Publix retail stores.


22,000 ATM locations in 50 states with major concentrations in the Midwest, mid-Atlantic and Western regions of the U.S. Locations include bank and credit union branches, convenience stores, grocery stores, restaurants, discount retailers and many more.


Surcharge-free ATMs in all 50 states.