Checkcard & ATM Card Program Options

Member institutions can design a Checkcard program that works for them and their cardholders!

Multiple Authorization types offered

● Daily Limit
● Account Balance
● Aggregate Limits
● Online Authorization

Authorization Holds

A simple and effective solution to reduce overdrafts on cardholder accounts, Authorization Holds are deducted from your cardholder’s available balance, setting aside the funds until the posting amount is sent through by the merchant.

Flexible withdrawal limits for ATM and POS

Withdrawal and purchase limits can be personalized for each cardholder for each type of card use.

Overdraft Protection Balance Access

If a financial institution sends a separate Overdraft Protection Balance, this amount will be factored in to transaction authorizations.

Authorization Pad and Debit Pad

Authorization Pad automatically adds a predetermined amount to authorization requests to mitigate overdrafts.

Debit Pad automatically adds a predetermined amount to account balances in order to facilitate authorization approvals.

Purge Processing

Save staff time and lower your card management expenses with customized automatic “Purge” settings. The Advantage Network will work with you to design a purge process that best suits your needs.

Custom ATM & POS service fee plans

A Service Fee is assessed by institutions on transactions conducted by their ATM card and Checkcard holders.

The Advantage Network can manage a customized Service Fee Plan for each financial institution. The service fee would be included in the daily posting file as an amount separate from the original transaction amount. A different service fee can be set for each transaction type.

Batch maintenance

Card ordering and general non-urgent cardholder maintenance such as address changes, adding/deleting accounts, and limit changes are performed via the financial institution’s core platform when staff key in the data. The data is combined one or more times a day into a file and transmitted electronically to Advantage.