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Business Checkcards make purchasing fast and easy!

Business Checkcards can be used in place of the business checkbook – for equipment, monthly utility payments, office supplies, and more! Business Checkcard holders have access to account funds at over a million ATMs and millions of merchant locations. Customization Several cards can be ordered for each business, allowing employees access to company funds without […]

Chip Checkcards now available!

The Advantage Network produces full-color, edge-to-edge, flat image chip Visa Checkcards and magnetic stripe ATM cards daily.  That means we can deliver cards to your cardholders sooner than many other networks and card production vendors in the country.   Contact us for more information!

Advantage Fraud Rate Lowest of All Visa Debit Issuers

One of the reasons Advantage has such a low fraud rate is that we process disputes for all members in our network and receive all fraud notices. Because of this we are able to see fraud trends and common points of compromise before an individual institution would be able to spot them. In addition, Advantage offers […]

Surcharge-free access to 55,000 Allpoint ATMs Worldwide for all Advantage Cardholders

Membership in the Allpoint ATM Network is free to Advantage member financial institutions. Your cardholders receive surcharge-free cash withdrawal transactions (and other account access) at Allpoint ATMs, conveniently located in destination retail outlets including national and regional retailers such as 7-Eleven, Target, Kroger and Costco. This means you are not sending your cardholders to competing […]

Card production update: new opportunities for member institutions!

The Advantage Network is excited to announce that we will be migrating our ATM card and Checkcard production to a third-party vendor. The move will provide our member institutions with access to cutting-edge technology as well as providing quick turn-around and personal assistance for card pulls and other services.   The migration will also provide […]