Card controls put cardholders in charge of their Checkcard

Card Controls allow cardholders to use a single mobile application to manage all aspects of their Advantage Checkcards, including taking an active role in fraud mitigation and detection. The mobile application is a “stand alone” product and is not integrated with an institution’s core or mobile banking product.


The financial institution benefits from reduced fraud losses, reduced call center costs, increased Checkcard usage and spend, as well as improved customer retention.


Cardholders can customize each card using the features and preferences below.

  • Switch card on/off – Cardholders can lock or unlock cards with a single touch. Auto-lock turns on a card for a specified time or for a certain number of purchases, locking it afterward.

  • Control by location – Cardholders can limit card activity by location, either by limiting card-present transactions to the location of the card or by limiting card usage to a region on a map. They can also turn on cards for international usage or deny international charges. This way, absence of a cardholder at a merchant location strongly indicates fraud, while the presence of a cardholder is proof positive of a legit transaction.

  • Control preferences – Cardholders can limit merchant categories (grocery, retail, gas, travel, etc.), and transaction types (ATM transactions, online transactions, recurring charges, etc.) as well as set spend limits per transaction. They can personalize preferences according to their unique spending behavior.

  • Instant transaction alerts – Cardholders can act instantly on real-time in-app transaction alerts. Higher cardholder engagement drives loyalty and increases card usage. (These transaction alerts are not related to SecurLOCK Communicate alerts which are generated if fraud is suspected.)

  • Self-service – Cardholders can view available balances [if the FI sends Positive Balance Files to Advantage], analyze spending and manage transactions. Self-service increases cardholder satisfaction while lowering support costs.