Explore the possibilities for Faster Payments

  • Attract and retain a younger demographic.
  • Increased cash flow for business accounts.
  • Tokenized transactions.
  • Integration with AML and OFAC

Explore the possibilities available with the FIS “Real-Time Payment Incubator.”

In October 2012, the Federal Reserve announced its focus on improving the speed and efficiency of the U.S. payment system while maintaining a high level of safety and accessibility. Five years later, real-time payments enable payment processes that occur seamlessly and immediately.

  • Beginning September 15, 2017, Same-Day ACH (Automated Clearing House) was enabled for debit entries which provided the opportunity for same-day processing of virtually any ACH payment. Beginning March 16, 2018, Receiving Depository Financial Institutions (RDFIs) will be mandated to make funds available from same-day ACH credits (such as payroll Direct Deposits) by 5pm local time.
  • On November 13, 2017 the Real-Time Payments system, set up by The Clearing House (an ACH operator) was used to make a transfer between accounts at two different banks. In addition to moving funds, the first transaction also carried sales and invoicing data.
  • With innovative person-to-person (P2P) payment solutions being launched worldwide, everybody can become a merchant. From garage sales and street markets, to paying the plumber or decorator, instant P2P payments open up a world of possibilities. The ability to pull payments from customers allows the service seller to add remittance data to payments.

For financial institutions, revenue is realized from increased card-based payment volume and operational expenses are reduced as other payment methods are streamlined or replaced.

FIS Global, the processor for The Advantage Network, now offers a “Real-Time Payment Incubator” to Advantage member institutions. Explore the possibilities available for offering real-time solutions to your cardholders with no up-front costs, a short implementation timeline (4-6 months), and innovative strategies that take advantage of a variety of products and solutions.

For more information about the Real-time Payment Incubator and all Advantage products, contact Brady Daly at 605-335-5192 or [email protected]


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