eCommerce Best Practices

Debit eCommerce is expected to grow 140% through 2021 and issuers have an outstanding opportunity to encourage debit usage by creating a positive experience for cardholders. Here are six best practices offered by Advantage and Visa to help you develop an effective eCommerce strategy.


1.    Set the foundation


  • At account opening, help cardholders add their new debit card to a mobile wallet.
  • Encourage cardholders to make Debit their default payment method with person-to-person payment apps.
  • Continuously educate cardholders on various online payment methods.


2.    Win their trust


  • 55% of U.S. consumers surveyed fear that using their debit card online is not secure. Ease concerns by sharing debit card security protections such as SecurLOCK fraud monitoring.
  • Reassure cardholders by explaining Visa’s Zero Liability policy.
  • Commit to quick and “hassle-free” reimbursement for disputed transactions.


3.    Improve the experience


The decline rate for Card-Not-Present (CNP) transactions is higher than Point-of-Sale transactions. This decline rate not only hurts the customer experience, it negatively impacts the financial institution’s portfolio performance by creating

– a $58 per month reduction in purchase volume per cardholder.

– a 6% increase in cardholders going completely inactive.

  •  Ensure that cardholder information on CMSe/Cardbase and your core are up to date and match.
  •  Remind cardholders to call in when they travel, when they want to make a large purchase or when they plan to do a lot of shopping either in-store or online. You can then set higher purchase limits and fraud exclusions that can help prevent their card from being blocked for unusual spending.
  • Educate cardholders abut Visa Secure and Visa “click to pay” (formerly Visa Checkout). Some cardholders may be asked to provide a one-time passcode to authenticate their identity.


4.    Provide a reason to try


  •   Offer an incentive, e.g. cash back or gift card, such as the Advantage Marketing Campaigns, to increase usage.
  •   Test a range of incentives to see which works best for your cardholders.


5.    Prioritize your targeting


  •   Drive existing medium/high “face-to-face” debit users to use their debit card for eCommerce purchases.
  •   Educate existing debit eCommerce users about different “Credentials on File” solutions.
  •   Educate existing debit eCommerce users about different “Credentials on File” solutions.


6.    Utilize Visa’s self-service resources


On Visa Online, follow the “Authorization Performance” link under the
“Reference Library” tab to find self-assessment checklists, more best practices, links to Visa tools and services, and more.