College bound? Vacation? Use your Advantage Checkcard for shopping, paying tuition, and more! Here are a few reminders to make your journey more enjoyable.

Transaction Security
•   All Advantage Checkcard purchases and US ATM withdrawals that route over the Visa network are covered by Visa’s Zero Liability policy so cardholders are protected in case of fraudulent use.
•   SecurLOCK fraud monitoring can detect and report possibly fraudulent transactions.*

Fraud Monitoring
Call your institution to let them know which cards will be used while travelling or while the student is at college so they can make a note of the travel/use plans and dates. This will assist the fraud management system in monitoring your Checkcard. Be sure to provide updated home or business telephone and cell phone numbers as well as an email address.*

Click here to learn about actions cardholders can take to minimize exposure to fraud.

Getting Cash – ATMs in the United States
•   All Advantage cardholders can withdraw cash surcharge-free from any of the 55,000 Allpoint ATMs around the world. These ATMs are located in retail locations such as Target and Costco.
•   Check with your institution to verify if Advantage or InBalance ATMs are surcharge-free for you.
•   Your financial institution may impose a separate service fee on a transaction conducted at an ATM it doesn’t own. Please refer to your institution’s policies or disclosures.
•  Click here to use the Advantage ATM locator.

Getting Cash – ATMs outside the United States
ATMs in foreign countries dispense the local currency and/or Euros and/or American dollars. When you use your ATM card or Checkcard at an ATM in a foreign country, you may be charged per withdrawal:
•   a Foreign ATM service fee. Check your institution’s policies to see if this fee applies to these transactions.
•   surcharge fees by the ATM owner (which could be as high as 10% of the amount drawn. For example, a $300 USD withdrawal could incur a $30 USD surcharge).
•   a currency conversion fee (usually 1-3%). Check your institution’s policies to see if this fee applies to these transactions.
•   If you request U.S. dollars at an ATM in a foreign country, there could be an additional currency conversion fee which is set by the ATM owner and could be substantial.
•   Cardholders may be able to go to a bank (or kiosk at the airport or hotel) to do a cash advance on the card and save the ATM fees. However, the bank/vendor will probably charge a fee.

Getting Cash – POS (Point-of-Sale)
Cash back at a PIN POS terminal in the United States may be available at participating merchant locations. There is no “locator” to identify these merchants but retailers like Wal-Mart, Target and HyVee offer cash-back. Merchants may restrict the amount of cash back and may also charge a fee.

Cash back at a PIN POS terminal OUTSIDE the United States would only be available at a participating merchant that displays the Pulse logo in Canada, a small number of Caribbean countries and Mexico. (There is no “locator” to identify these merchants.) Your institution must participate in Pulse as well.

Deposits at ATMs
There are 22 Advantage ATMs that accept deposits from authorized Advantage cardholders. Verify if your institution allows deposits at these ATMs. Check out the list here. For convenience and quick access to funds, consider having paychecks and other funds direct-deposited to your account instead.

Bill Pay
Set up your Checkcard to make payments online or by phone. Payments can be made individually or scheduled for automatic and recurring payments.

Card Limit Increases
Request an increase in ATM or POS limits for large purchases or while travelling. The limits can be returned to normal after the purchase is made or you return home.

Advantage Checkcard Acceptance
Advantage Checkcards are accepted worldwide – everywhere Visa is accepted for “credit/signature” and “debit/PIN” purchases. However, there are some unattended vending machines, parking lots/ramps, transportation turnstiles, ATMs and some merchants outside the United States that may not be able to process transactions for Advantage debit cards because they operate offline and can’t validate the “US Debit” PIN on a chip card.

Contact information for Cardholders
Write down these customer service numbers and carry them separately from your card:
• Customer service number for your institution.
• Domestic 24-hour lost/stolen number 800-236-2442.
• 24-hour international lost/stolen card number 501-748-8537 (dial the country’s exit code first).

* A text, email or telephone call is generated to the cardholder when fraud is suspected if the financial institution participates in this product.