Protection Against Counterfeit Card Fraud

Whether you checkout using chip technology or by swiping your card, your Advantage Checkcard is accepted worldwide and is protected by Visa’s Zero Liability Policy.


What is a chip card?
A chip card contains an embedded microprocessor that communicates with the merchant or ATM terminal during a transaction to prove the card’s authenticity. Chip cards will also have a magnetic stripe on the back to ensure they are accepted at terminals that are not able to process chip card transactions.


Enhanced fraud protection
When you complete a transaction at a chip-enabled terminal, a one-time code is generated for that transaction. This makes it nearly impossible to use stolen transaction data to create a counterfeit card, reducing in-store fraud.


Pay with confidence
All Advantage Checkcards are covered by several layers of security including continuous fraud monitoring and Visa’s Zero Liability Policy: you’re protected from unauthorized Checkcard transactions that route through Visa. Contact your financial institution for details.


Will a chip card work at an ATM?
Insert or swipe your card as directed. If the ATM is chip-enabled it will lock onto the card or ask you to reinsert the card to complete the transaction.


Will a chip card work for internet, mobile and telephone transactions?
Yes. These types of transactions will not change due to chip technology.



Calling your institution to let them know of your travel plans will lessen the chance of denials and usage interruptions.