40 years of innovative EFT solutions

Our products and services include debit and stored-value card programs, ATM driving and monitoring, and card production.

About The Advantage Network

Our success is due to our commitment to embracing new technologies and providing superior customer service. Our staff truly care about our members, their ATM and Checkcard programs, and their cardholders. From conversion onto the Network to daily operations, Advantage staff are available to guide and assist you. We’ll even come to your location for on-site training.

In addition, The Advantage Network compiles ATM and Checkcard transaction data for each of our participating members, providing a current snapshot of ATM and Checkcard performance as well as historical trending so that members can understand their programs and make decisions that positively affect their bottom line.

As new technologies and market demands create new opportunities,
The Advantage Network continues to search for and employ products and processes that will benefit our members and their cardholders.

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The Advantage Network History

  • 1978: The Advantage Network was started by The First National Bank in Sioux Falls with six ATMs.
  • 1979: The bright orange plastic card and logo was introduced. The orange is still a part of our long-standing brand image.
  • 1979: The Advantage Network adopted the off-premise philosophy of deploying ATMs when only four percent of the nation’s ATMs were off-premise. This provided the impetus for financial institution sharing of ATMs.
  • 1981: Seven other institutions joined The Advantage Network and shared access to each others' ATMs.
  • 1994: The Advantage Checkcard was introduced, adding an electronic payment solution and the sharing decision was made to provide EFT/ATM/POS services to independently owned and operated financial institutions in South Dakota and the surrounding area.
  • 2012: The Advantage Network continues to grow, both in membership and volume. Currently, there are 44 member institutions operating 250 ATMs which acquire 2.3 million transactions per year. Advantage Checkcards produce approximately 24 million point-of-sale transactions annually.
  • 2016: In-house Chip card production was added, providing another fraud mitigation tool to our member institutions and their cardholders.
  • 2017: Card production migrated to a third-party vendor, providing member institutions with access to cutting-edge technology and opportunities for packaging customization.
  • 2020: Advantage member institutions begin issuing contactless Checkcards.